Accommodation facilities

It has 4 apartments and 4 suitable rooms. The width of the entrance door to the rooms and/or apartments is 89 cm. The bathrooms are equipped with grab bars and obstacle-free showers.

The space under the sink is free and there are no other obstacles to the movement of the wheelchair in the bathroom.

In the apartments the height of the kitchen cabinets is 160 cm, the height of the hob is 90 cm and the space under the sink and hob is free.

Private parking reserved for disabled people, the parking/structure path is totally accessible. The width of the main entrance door is 130cm, there are NO steps inside the structure.

The residence has private parking about 20m from the main entrance, the parking/structure path is totally accessible.

It has a suitable apartment, located on the ground floor without obstacles. The apartment has a bathroom equipped with grab bars for the disabled. Floor-level shower equipped with chair.

The hotel has a private parking which is about 10 m from the side entrance,  accessible via a ramp. There are two suitable rooms/apartments, located on the 4th floor and reachable by lift with sliding doors and sound warning. A studio apartment and a two-room apartment. The bathrooms are large with floor-level shower, equipped with grab bars – raised toilet – possibility of wheelchair suitable for the shower. (distance from the seafront about 250 meters)

The hotel has a private car park for its customers which is about 30 m from the main entrance.
To access the hotel  there are two entrances, one next to the other: one ramp with a maximum slope of 7%, handrails on both sides and metal flooring and the other ramp with a 4% slope, double entrance with automatic  sliding doors and 4 carpeted steps 14 cm high.
The hotel has a suitable room, located on the first floor reachable by lift with sliding doors and audible and visual warning on the floor. The room has a double bed 54 cm high from the ground.
The bed and 2 bedside tables can be moved and the wardrobe has sliding doors.
The room is connected to room n° 120 thanks to an 83 cm door.
The bathroom in the room has a sliding door.
The floor-standing toilet is 52 cm high from the ground, with the possibility of approaching from either the right or left side; presence of hand shower and double folding handle on both sides.

There is a floor-level shower with a rigid box with double doors that can be fully opened. Fixed foldable seat inside (32×39).
On the ground floor of the hotel, there is a toilet accessible to disabled people.
Bathroom entrance door 76 cm, with double suspended sink with front space of 225 cm. The taps are with automatic sensor.
The toilet has a floor-mounted toilet 53 cm high from the ground, with a folding handle and shower on the right and a fixed handle on the left. Possibility of approaching the right side WV with a space of 84 cm while the front space is 62 cm.

It has a suitable apartment, located on the mezzanine floor accessible by a slide. The bathroom of the apartment is equipped with grab bars for disabled people both on the toilet and in the shower with a seat attached to the wall

It has a suitable apartment, which can be reached by lift. The bathroom has grab bars with a walk-in shower.

The structure has private underground parking, with the possibility of going up to the reception and to the floors with a lift.

Has a suitable apartment. The bathroom has grab bars with a floor-level shower.

There are no steps inside the structure, the sliding lift door is 85 cm wide. It has a suitable double room. Bathroom equipped with grab bars for disabled people in the floor-level shower. It has parking reserved for disabled people. The parking/structure path is totally accessible.

The hotel has 2 suitable apartments. The bathrooms are equipped with grab bars for both the toilet and the floor-level shower. The steps inside the structure can be overcome with a lift whose sliding door is 75 cm.

The residence has private parking which is about 20 m from the main entrance and there are no steps along the way.

It has 2 suitable apartments. The bathrooms are equipped with grab bars for the toilet and the shower which has a suitable seat. There are no other barriers.

The hotel has private parking at the Autosilos which is about 100 meters from the hotel. Two rooms are suitable for disabled people. They have a double bed and a third bed, they are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors reachable by lift with sliding doors and audible warning on the floor.

The bathrooms are large with a sliding door, have a high window with electric opening, hairdryer, floor-level shower. They are equipped with grab bars – toilet and raised bidet – stool and possibility of showering directly with the guest’s wheelchair (if suitable) .

(distance from the seafront about 250 meters)”.

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the Municipality of Loano and its offices

Loano Sport

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Discover a calendar full of cultural, sporting and children’s events. From shows to outdoor activities, each day offers new opportunities to have fun and experience unforgettable moments.


Experience unforgettable moments in Loano with activities for the whole family, sports and outdoor adventures, and cultural discoveries. Here you will find everything to make your stay special.


Whether you are an athlete looking for the ideal place in which to carry out your preparation for major competitions, an enthusiast who does not want to give up his passion or an amateur who wants to keep fit, Loano is and has everything for you.


We are committed to offering you everything you need to enjoy a holiday with your family, in relaxation, companionship and serenity.


Explore Loano’s rich spiritual tradition through its historic churches, sanctuaries and religious events.

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For a long time, the growth of Loano was closely linked to the activities of shipyards, fishermen, sailors.

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Since the 13th century, Loano has been an imperial fief of the Doria family of Genoa. Thanks to this illustrious family, which built the castle and created grandiose public monuments, today the town boasts a monumental heritage of considerable historical and cultural interest.

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Enjoy the sea, beaches and hills in Loano and discover nearby attractions such as ‘Le Caravelle’ water park in Ceriale and ‘La città dei Bambini’ at the Acquario di Genova. Explore the historic centres of Albenga and Toirano, or visit the Glass Museum in Altare and the Tower Clock Museum in Bardino Nuovo.


You can reach Loano easily by plane via the airports of Villanova d’Albenga (8 km), Genoa (90 km) and Milan Malpensa (256 km); by train at Loano station on the Genoa-Ventimiglia line; or by car via the A10 motorway and State Road 1.


Stay updated on the weather in Loano to better plan your activities. Consult the forecast in advance to enjoy the beauty of our town to the fullest.

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Loano’s beaches offer an inclusive experience for all visitors. There are equipped free beaches and dedicated dog beaches for those who do not want to be separated from their four-legged friends.


Discover all the options to reach Loano comfortably.
Plan your trip and get to Loano without worries!

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Find all the information you need for your stay in Loano.
Plan your visit easily and enjoy all that Loano has to offer.

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Explore Loano through markets and fairs. Discover local products, handicrafts, and gastronomic specialities. An unmissable opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture.


Quickly find pharmacies and parapharmacies in Loano for all your health needs. Consult the complete list with addresses, opening hours and contacts for quick and easy access to the services you need during your stay.

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Discover the best rental services in Loano to explore the city and its surroundings in comfort. Choose from boats, cars, scooters and vans for a tailor-made travel experience.


Access banking services easily during your stay in Loano. Find a complete list of local banks.

Loano Bandiera Blu

Also for 2024, the Fee Blue Flag will fly over the beaches of the Loano coastline and Marina di Loano.


Hospitality: this is the watchword of Loano, its beaches and its accommodation facilities, which are suitable and equipped to welcome even tourists with disabilities.


Get around Loano comfortably thanks to the taxi service. Find out the phone numbers to get around the city and its surroundings without stress. Guaranteed availability for all your transport needs.


Find all essential services in Loano for a worry-free stay.

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