What's more beautiful than a family vacation?

Loano has always been a destination loved by families, thanks to its sea, services and large public places suitable for everyone.

Holidays are the perfect time to unplug and spend time with our loved ones. The happiness of experiencing moments of joy and relaxation together, where parents and children feel welcomed and can take advantage of dedicated services and activities.

We are committed to offering you everything you need to enjoy a holiday with your family, in relaxation, company and serenity. This is why we created the Loano Family Friendly brand, which includes accommodation facilities, bathing facilities, bars, ice cream parlors, restaurants and promoters of family and children’s activities. The Loano Family Friendly network was created to offer accommodation, beaches, services and entertainment to families who visit and stay overnight in our city.

Members who join the Family Friendly project are specialized in welcoming families and children, offering dedicated services, including:

Discover all the operators and services designed for your family.

Spaces and places for families

What's more relaxing than enjoying the cool shade given by the trees of a green park? What's more fun than playing with our children (or grandchildren) on the rides? Who, among the most sporty, doesn't love doing physical activity in the open air and keeping fit with a few simple exercises, perhaps to be done in company?

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Family friendly accommodation facilities

The hotels and accommodation facilities are "family friendly": they respond to the needs and expectations of families, offering a wide range of specific services and an offer designed also for the little ones.

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Family friendly beaches

Loano has modern and efficient bathing facilities suitable for hosting families , games for children, entertainment, lots of parking and is awarded two Blue Flags.

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Experiences, events, sea, mountains… for all ages to have fun and spend moments of joy and happiness together with your loved ones. Spending your holidays in Loano means relaxation and fun every day, lots of experiences to share with your family and nature to observe on foot, by bicycle or by train.

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Family friendly restaurants

Discover Loano's delicious offer! Fresh fish, pesto pasta, focaccia and homemade ice cream. A culinary paradise for the whole family .

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Safety information

Those who come to Loano know that they will find a welcoming place, but also a safe one thanks to an organised public and private health service (including a pharmacy open 24/7, even on public holidays) and its proximity to the Santa Corona Hospital in Pietra Ligure

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Institutional area

the Municipality of Loano and its offices

Loano Sport

a window on Loano sport

Blue flag
Graziano Frigato Foundation
Musical Association Santa Maria Immacolata
Presepe Loano
Nelle chiese e negli oratori ritornano i presepi tradizionali

Con l’arrivo delle festività natalizie presso le chiese e gli […]

La fontana cinquecentesca

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Centro storico

Loano conserva un centro storico di notevole interesse monumentale tra […]

Loano Bandiera Blu lungomare
Loano ottiene la dodicesima Bandiera Blu per le spiagge

E’ il riconoscimento internazionale che Fee conferisce alle località costiere che soddisfano determinati criteri dal punto di vista della qualità delle acque e dei servizi offerti

Sport inland

For those who love nature excursions, Loano offers itineraries to […]

Presepe Vecchia Loano 01
Nelle chiese e negli oratori di Loano ritornano i presepi tradizionali

Con l’arrivo delle festività natalizie presso le chiese e gli […]

Villa Amico … for the day after tomorrow

“Villa Amico … for the day after tomorrow” is an […]

Loano si affida a Finale Outdoor Region per potenziare e sviluppare rete sentieristica e outdoor

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Airport Villanova d’Albenga “Clemente Panero” Airport 8 kmViale Generale Disegna, […]

Banca Alpi Marittime Credito Cooperativo Carru’ Via Aurelia, 101/A -Tel. […]

How to reach Loano: By car: highway Genova – Ventimiglia […]

Pharmacies Farmacia Della Riviera Via Aurelia, 70 – Tel. 019 […]

I.A.T. Ufficio Informazione Turisticapresso PRO LOCO LOANO in Marina di […]

Markets Weekly market on Fridays from 8 am to 1pm […]

My Rentals:  noleggio auto, scooters & vansPorto Turistico, Lungomare N.Sauro […]

Loano Salute, centro medico, Via Azzurri d’Italia, 9 – Tel. […]

20200221_165235 (1)

Elenco Spiagge libere attrezzate S.I.B. SINDACATO ITALIANO BALNEARI LOANOPresidente Sig. […]

Posteggio Stazione – Piazza Marconi, 1 – tel. 019 668.536 […]

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