“Fugassa Tour”

The FUGASSIN Il Forno – Via Ghilini 58

An alternative to traditional Focaccia…could the “greasy” be missing?? Every day the focaccia dough is dipped in boiling oil and fried properly. Accompany it with salami then tell us !

The CLASSIC Casto and Russo Bakery – Via Ghilini 12

The most historic family business that has handed down the white art for generations offers the very classic traditional Focaccia in a rectangular pan. Every day at 4pm the afternoon bake is a fixed stop in the Loano snack area.

The INDECISA Capriccio Bakery since 1997 – Via Cesarea 10

If during the Christmas holidays Italy is divided between those who love Panettone and those who love Pandoro,  Liguria is divided between those who love  bread and those who love focaccia. You will never believe it but here they know how to satisfy the eternally undecided: here is the Pan-Fugàssa. Tall and soft, it lends itself very well to being stuffed as desired with cured meats and cheeses of all kinds. Ultimately we can say that it is a bread that didn’t believe in it enough or a Fugàssa that believed in it too much!

WITH CHEESE Il Fornaio since 1905 – Via Garibaldi 80

The most difficult to describe because it is very, very reminiscent of Ecco where the R falls on purpose to avoid heavy fines. Thin and dripping with Prescinsêua (typical Genoese cheese) in Loano you can find it almost exclusively here!

The STUFFED La Forneria Bakery – Via Garibaldi 22

You can’t get more central than this! Just beyond the Clock Tower it is impossible not to come across the scent of Fugàssa coming from the small bakery. Here it is a must to try the one filled with ham and cheese.

LA ROTONDA Il Fornetto Bakery since 1917 – Via Richeri

As famous as the one in Bermuda, it is “Il Triangolo” of Fugàssa which every morning bakes this historic bakery located in the  “carugetti orbi”. There is nothing rectangular here! Only round focaccias and pizzas that in segments give life to the iconic piece!

THE CRUNCHY Canepa Bakery – Via Boragine

We begin our Tour from the far west of Borgo di Dentro with a simple, low and crunchy Fugàssa, excellent freshly baked

LA ROTONDA Il Fornetto dal 1971 – Via Richeri

As famous as the one in Bermuda, it is “Il Triangolo” of Fugàssa which every morning This historic bakery located in Carugetti Orbi bakes. There is nothing rectangular here! Only round focaccias and pizzas which in segments give life to the iconic piece!

LA SECCA Il Buone Pane – Via Cavour

It is second to none! This bakery offers various types of dry focaccia, excellent as a snack to accompany aperitifs, for example. Our must? The one with rosemary!

WITH POTATOES Raddi Bakery since 1908 – Borgo Castello

The potato focaccias are tasty in all their simplicity, soft and fluffy thanks to the presence of boiled potatoes in the dough and simply flavored with olive oil, salt and rosemary. Here you can enjoy them as a snack in the shadow of the Doria Castle, one of the symbols of our city.

The LIGURIAN Luparia Bakery since 1977 – Piazza Valerga

The focaccia most rooted in the territory can be found right here. Green… like the hope of eating as many slices as possible, topped with stracchino cheese and raw pesto.You can’t be more Ligurian than this!

The TASTY Gran Forno Bakery since 1943 – Via Dei Gazzi 71

As if having plenty of oil and salt on a simple “Slèrfa de Fugàssa” wasn’t enough, in this shop they offer an even tastier and greasy rectangular single portion. With the use of mother yeast, it is soft and light at the same time.

GLUTEN FREE Happy & Free Bakery – Via Manzoni 16

There’s no story here guys, the Fugàssa tour satisfies everyone, absolutely everyone. Happy & Free thought big… there is  a special stop, where even those who are intolerant or allergic to gluten will be able to taste the so beloved Fugàssa. From traditional to super stuffed, everything here is strictly Gluten Free!

The PIADASSA A fugasseria de Löa Bakery – Via Aurelia, 400 and Via Genova, 1

Half piadina and half Fugàssa! When tradition meets innovation in the kitchen there is always someone a little skeptical but we assure you that the infinite varieties of fillings will satisfy everybody.

The HEALTHY Barlocco Enzo Bakery since 1959 Via Ca’ De Fasce 2 – road to Verzi | Via Alfieri 24 bis

This is an excellent alternative to traditional focaccia and represents a healthy choice for all those who want to enrich their diet with whole grains and enjoy a delicacy with an unmistakable taste.


The most sought after by tourists of all ages. Many bakeries are not able to make it and this is why just hearing it mentioned causes enormous discomfort.
Legend tells that in Loano a ghost shop still prepares it according to a secret recipe. So secret that not even the baker remembers it.

Follow the map, go hunting for focaccia in Loano!