…a sea of possibilities

Halfway between Genoa and France, thanks to the mild and dry climate, Loano is an ideal holiday resort for both summer and winter holidays.
Magnificent place for a safe and familiar stay, Loano offers “a sea of possibilities”.
Green areas, sports facilities of all kinds, a monumental historic center and a rich hinterland. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities to go shopping in search of typical products and handicrafts.
Added to this is the pleasure of traditional Ligurian cuisine, and the many recreational opportunities for a holiday you have always dreamed of.

The sun… The holidays… The well-being…

Important seaside resort, the city has excellent tourist facilities where hospitality and courtesy are the winning cards for a peaceful holiday. In summer, you can enjoy a comfortable environment and a family atmosphere by the sea.
Modern and efficient bathing establishments offer spaces and facilities to enjoy a relaxing holiday, full of sunshine.
A long sandy beach favors a stay of healthy fun and rest. The blue sea, constantly supervised by lifeguards, invites a refreshing swim in safety, even for the little ones.

A sea to live all year round.

On the beach overlooking the blue Ligurian Sea, Loano best expresses its tourist vocation, a world operating in harmony with the vital nature of the sea. A deep bond with the sea, which has its roots in a maritime tradition that links the growth of the city to the activity of shipyards, fishermen and sailors. Loano protects the marine environment with an artificial barrier, an important work at European level, which contributes to the development of ecological conditions that favor the repopulation of marine flora and fauna.
Loano dedicates a permanent exhibition to the marine world, curated by the Lodanum Association, which can be visited all year round.
Protected sea, but also wider beaches, thanks to the submerged dam which protects the sand from storm surges and contributes to widening the coast. On the long promenade there are many flower beds and palm trees. A hospitable and picturesque Ligurian coast, with fascinating nautical itineraries. Loano represents a precious nautical base, thanks to an equipped port, capable of satisfying the most different needs, for a nautical season that lasts all year round.

When nature becomes tourism

Like the most characteristic Ligurian landscape, the coastal plain gives way to the typical hilly terrace landscape. This allows you to alternate days at sea with walks in the immediate hinterland. To enjoy a splendid panoramic view of the port and the hills that slope towards the sea, just reach the church of S.S. Cosma and Damiano. Descending towards the valley, you will find the path that leads to the “Bric dei Cinque Alberi”, a pre-Roman Ligurian castle. From the town of Verzi, a hamlet of Loano, it is possible to reach the ancient church of San Martino, located on a 180 m high hillock, on foot, from which you can overlook the splendid valley below. Always from Verzi starts the path that reaches, through dense vegetation, the CAI refuge in Pian delle Bosse (841mt), from here you can enjoy a 180 degree view of the sea. The refuge is a usual stop for those who want to reach the highest of the mountains in the province of Savona, Monte Carmo. Guided walks are organized every year in collaboration with CAI.