Ethnographic Museum of the Varatella Valley and Caves of Toirano

The well-preserved medieval historic center of Toirano is worth a visit, where the Val Varatella Ethnographic Museum is set up, which tells the story of the ancient crafts of the villages. But Toirano is known above all for its 70 limestone caves that have extraordinary scenic effects thanks to stalactites and stalagmites of all kinds.

The Toirano Caves complex is an archaeological site known worldwide. Entering it means taking a real journey back in time to the Upper Paleolithic era.

The Caves, in fact, contain the footprints and traces of Homo Sapiens, who explored them about 14 thousand years ago, and of Ursus Spelaeus, the cave bear who used them as a refuge for hibernation even 50 thousand years ago. Particularly suggestive is the ” Hall of mysteries”, considered by experts to be a kind of classroom in which young hunters were put to the test before entering the “adult world”.

The Caves are not only a treasure chest of archaeological treasures, but also a beautiful place to admire: the stalacts, stalagmites and splendid concretions have created real natural works of art that leave you breathless.

The Toirano cave complex and the small palaeontological museum attached to the ticket office are open every day (except on December 25th and January 1st). The duration of the guided visit is approximately 70 minutes. An excellent alternative to discover and learn more about our past. For information, visit the website.

In addition to the caves, in Toirano you can visit the Ethnographic Museum of the Val Varatella set up in the Palazzo D’Aste-Del Carretto. The Museum exhibits objects of daily life and of the peasant tradition of the Ligurian hinterland. You can also see the original rooms and furnishings of the Palazzo.

The Caves and the Museum can be easily reached by car or by the Tpl Linea bus (the service is free for Tourist Card holders).