Breathtaking views in the hinterland

Like the most characteristic Ligurian landscape, in Loano, the coastal plain gives way to the typical hilly terrace landscape. This allows you to alternate days at sea with walks in the immediate hinterland.

To enjoy a splendid panoramic view of the port and the hills that slope down to the sea, just reach the Sanctuary of SS Cosma e Damiano. From here the walk can continue downhill towards the coast on the path that leads to the “Bric dei Cinque Alberi”, pre-roman castle.

A splendid view can also be enjoyed from the knoll on which the church of San Martino dominates. The path leading to the ancient church starts from the Verzi hamlet.

Also from Verzi starts the path that reaches, through dense vegetation, the Pian delle Bosse refuge, a structure managed by the C.A.I. from Loano. The view that opens once you reach your destination ranges 180 degrees above the sea and after a short stop you can reach the highest of the mountains in the Province of Savona: Monte Carmo. This path is part of the itinerary of the Terre Alte Trail, which connects the ancient village of Toirano with the Colle di Melogno.