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Half way between Genoa and France we come across Loano which, thanks to its mild and dry climate, is an ideal place for holiday making both in Summer and in Winter. It is a magnificent place for a safe and family stay and has a lot oto offer: services, green areas, sport facilities, a momumental histoircal centre and a rich hinterland. To all this we can add the pleasure of the traditional Ligurian cuisine and the many opportunities for leisure activities to give you the holiday you have always dreamt of.

The sun… Holiday… Wellness

Loano has excellent tourist facilies where hospitaly and courtesy represent the winning cards for a pleasant holiday. A long beach of sand, modern and efficient beach resorts offer spaces and facilities to enjoy a holiday in complete relaxation. The blue sea, under constant vigilation, invites you to plunge in, in alla safety, even for the younger ones.

The sea, a resource to be lived

On the beach facing the blue Ligurian sea, Loano shows its best tourst orientation, a world operating in harmony with the vital nature of the sea. Loano safegards the marine habitat by means, of an artificial barrier, an important work at European level, which favours the repopolating of the marine flora and fauna. The long promenade along the sea front with flower beds and palm trees is the ideal place for children to play the wohole year. Thanks to a well equipped harbour Loano represents the whole year round a precious nautic: base able to satisfy any needs.

When nature becomes tourism

Just like the most typical Ligurian landscape, the coastal plain gives way to the typica terraced landscape of the hills. This allows you to alternate days by the sea with walks in the hinterland (S.S. Cosma e Damiano, “Bric dei Cinque Alberi”, San Martino). From the village of Verzi stars the footpath which reaches the CAI refuge at Pian delle Bosse (841m), the usual stop for those who want to reach the highest mountain in the province of Savona, Monte Carmo.

Loano… not the usual history…

Loano has an historical centre of considerable interest, among the best preserved in Liguria. The heart of 17th century Loano holds imposing public monuments, such as Palazzo Doria, the present seat of the Town Hall, the pentagonal town-walis, the church of N.S. della Misericordia, which is today the convent of Augustinian Fathers, whichi looks like a precious 16th century art gallery. Moreover, on the hill of the “Costino”, in Borgo Castello, stands the monumental complex of Monte Carmelo, which represents one of the most intersting works of late Ligurian mannerism. The Roman presence on the territory is shown by a floor mosaic of the III century, presently housed in Palazzo Doria. The baroc bell tower of the Oratoria dei Bianchi and the clock tower date back to the 18th century.

Simply flavours of the sea and of the country

The pleasures of a holiday include a good cuisine which in Loano can be enjoyed at the table of the many restaurants and hotels. Simple dishes with original tastes such as the “Trenette al Pesto”, stuffed vegetables baked in the oven, the “Pansotti” erbs and ricotta chhese, the famous “Torta Pasqualina”. There are a lot of restaurants where it is possible to enjoy a rich variety of fish. Among the sweets worth traying are the “Biscette”, the tasty “Baci” made of chocolate, “The fisherman’s Bread” and “The Sorrisi di Loano”.

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Loano spazio per te...

A metà strada tra Genova e la Francia, nella Riviera Ligure delle Palme, Loano, per il suo clima e per le sue bellezze paesaggistiche, è un luogo di villeggiatura ideale sia per le vacanze estive che per i soggiorni invernali.

Dal colle del Costino Monte Carmelo, l'antico Borgo Medioevale con il Castello Doria, domina Loano. Ma la città si è sviluppata intorno al borgo sulla costa, qui Loano conserva le caratteristiche case allineate sul mare "palazzata" e il "caruggio", ovvero il centro storico con i suoi vicoli che si intrecciano e si aprono su piccole piazze.

...Un mare di possibilità

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